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Adopting a Greyhound

Gippsland Greyhounds is all about finding the perfect greyhound companion for you and your lifestyle. Permanent adoption of a greyhound is an extremely rewarding experience. Greyhounds are naturally affectionate, cuddly and loveable creatures. They are extremely well mannered and easy to train, and thrive on human interaction and attention. They are tremendously loyal and peaceful dogs. They require remarkably little exercise, preferring to cuddle up in front of the fire or curl up for a nap in the sun than run around and play all day.

Greyhound care
The greyhounds available on this page for adoption have all received a full vet check from the Gippsland Veterinary Hospital who specialise in greyhound care. They are all de-sexed, microchipped, in good health and condition and have already spent time with a foster carer to allow them sufficient time to transition from a racing dog to life as a domestic and loving family pet.

Home checks
A home check will be conducted to ensure your property is safe, secure and suitable for the new life of the dog. This assessment process is an important part of helping make sure the right dog goes to the right home. Support and guidance from our adoption coordinator is always available if you have any concerns with your new life as a greyhound owner.

Trial run
Gippsland Greyhounds also offer you the option of fostering a dog prior to adoption to establish whether the dog will be a suitable match for your home and lifestyle.

Waiting list
In addition to the dogs listed on this page, there are always greyhounds waiting to enter our adoption program so please keep checking back or contact us to put your name on our waiting list.

Costs involved
A small adoption fee of $290.00 is charged per dog . This goes towards recovering some of the costs associated with re-homing the dogs. 

Muzzling laws
Current Victorian law states that only greyhounds who have been assessed as being suitable for a ‘Green Collar’ by Greyhounds Adoption Program (GAP), are exempt from being muzzled in public. This exemption allows greyhounds adopted under the GAP program to be walked on a leash in public without a muzzle provided they are identified by their special, numbered, Green GAP Collar.

If you are interested in adopting a greyhound please feel free to contact us for further information or call us on 0438 565 642 and discuss exactly how this process works. Or simply click on one of the "Apply for Adoption" buttons at the bottom of this page or on any of the pages of the individual dogs available for adoption (listed on the right hand side of this page), fill out your details and we will contact you after processing your application.

Greyhounds currently available for adoption
Jane - Adopted

 D.O.B: 15-03-15

Sex: Female

Microchip No: 956000003427771


Owing to changes at her adopted home, much loved Jane was sadly returned to Gippsland Greyhounds.

In the time Jane was at her new home, Jane displayed impeccable behaviour and attitude to her owner and her house cat but unfortunately began to feel loneliness when left alone for extended periods of time.

Oscar - Adopted

 D.O.B: 30-11-16

Sex: Male

Microchip No: 956000009435967

  Oscar is only 15 months old and is still a puppy. Being still a pup he just loves life and is full of boundless energy and is super friendly


D.O.B: 23-02-14

Sex: Female

Microchip No: 956000003711354



If ever a dog deserves a kind life, it certainly is Lexi.


D.O.B: 17-12-13

Sex: Female

Microchip No:956000003334822


Miss Roxy, a happy go lucky affectionate little girl, always smiling, loving nothing more than a comforting cuddle. A real peoples dog.


D.O.B: 22-06-12

Sex: Male

Microchip No: 956000008427652


Selwood, an above average race dog approaching middle age has only recently retired from the track and is now looking for his forever home.


D.O.B: 23-10-14

Sex: Female

Microchip No: 956000008842244


Lucy, a shy little girl who is adapting  to her new life as a prospective adoptee house pet.

Teddy - Adopted

D.O.B: 8-08-13

Sex: Male

Microchip No: 956000003256655


Teddy, a striking head turning fawn brindle boy with a gentle easy going temperament is looking for a new family due to a change of circumstances with his first home.


D.O.B: 22-12-11

Sex: Male

Microchip No: 956000008211933


Tall and gangly, Timmy does not look like your classic greyhound but what he lacks in looks, he makes up in kindness.  

Wally - Adopted

D.O.B: 19-12-14

Sex: Male

Microchip No: 956000003720370


Owing to unforseen circumstances to his previously adopted owner, Wally was sadly returned to Gippsland Greyhounds with the hope that he should find another loving home.

Fred - Adopted

D.O.B: 11-03-16

Sex: Male

Microchip No: 956000005393840

If you are looking for a loving companion who wants to put his nose in your pocket and cuddle in against you at any opportunity look no further.

Tyson- Adopted

D.O.B: 01-10-14

Sex: Male

Microchip No. 956000003743493


Tyson, an always smiling sweet baby faced boy who like his brother Bobby, has been given the opportunity to find his forever home.

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