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Gippsland Greyhounds
Spot - click on the images above and view at full size

D.0.B: 4-09-2017
Sex: Male
Microchip No: 956000005410460

Aptly named, Spot is a distinctive tallish white boy with a distinctive black patch over his right eye. After a 70 start race career, his owner felt that his time had arrived to begin his new life.

Considering that Spot had never been exposed to domestic house life he slotted right in to his new foster home winning over the house greys without fuss. His first evening he was unsure of his new surroundings and seemed agitated but by next day he was already playing with fluffy toys and had worked out how to go out for his toileting. Now after two weeks of house life his personality has really shined. He is a vibrant, affectionate and playful companion wanting to be a part of everything.

Spot is a very gentle and quiet lad, likes his food especially his breakfast of dry food and tuna and

his morning walk where meeting new people and dogs is a highlight.

Spots transformation from kennel to house life in such a short time is truly amazing.

Whoever adopts Spot is getting a real champ.


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