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Gippsland Greyhounds
Rexie - click on the images above and view at full size

D.O.B: 3-03-2016
Sex: Female
Microchip No: 956000005417565

Looking for love and a forever home is petite Rexie.

 Having a small stature, Rexie wasn’t robust enough dog  for the racing scene and never participated . But fortunately for her, she was welcomed into her trainers home to live with the family and their cat. During that time she learnt all the house rules and is now completely settled living in a home setting.

Rexie is a very gentle and sometimes a little shy however she is adapting to her new fostercare  situation very well and living very comfortably with the other dogs in the house . One thing  Rexie  does  enjoy is some quiet  time  to herself and is happy to sit outside and snooze away the day on her rack-bed. 

Rexie walks nicely on the lead, is a good car traveller and easy to feed. As she is very gentle, she would be fine living with children and or small dogs.

Since arriving into her new foster home she has been introduced to another cat and was perfectly friendly towards that one as well.

If her new home has stairs she may need some assistance and a little training to get used to them. She has managed going down, but is apprehensive about going up.










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