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Gippsland Greyhounds
Rory - click on the images above and view at full size

D.O.B: 24-09-2014
Sex: Male
Microchip No: 956000003642229

Retired racer Rory an attractive looking buckskin male has just been placed into Gippsland Greyhounds in the hope of finding his forever home

Since retirement last February, Rory had been living as a pet at his owners home but circumstances arose that regrettably, he had to be passed on.

On entering foster care, Rory was initially timid and confused however he quickly settled in his new home, never soiling inside, sleeping quietly through the night, gentle with his carers and proving to be easily fed.

After one week in foster care, Rory was taken to the local community market and though initially intimidated by the crowds, he quickly settled and enjoyed his surroundings and the attention he was given.

We would have to say that Rory is a rough diamond ready to sparkle, so please give him your consideration. You will be rewarded.












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