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Gippsland Greyhounds
John - click on the images above and view at full size

D.0.B: 11-05-2017
Sex: Male
Microchip No: 956000005425272

Say hi to a tall baby-faced black lad who lives up to his racing name of “no problem John’’.

John entered Gippsland Greyhounds on the day he was due to have is fiftieth start but the realisation that he would not be a successful racer, having only one win in his starts prompted his owner trainer that John deserved a new life.

Well for a dog that had only had a kennel existence, John settled into his new surroundings with gay abandon. He quickly made friends with the resident greys, his human carers and immediately found fluffy toys to play with. The one trait that he did bring was his appetite, most likely as a result of his racing regime where racing weights are stricktly controlled but due to a generous foster mum the lad put on 4 Kg in eight days.

For the short time in foster care, John has been found to be a very affectionate boy always looking for cuddles and attention. When John was taken to the local community market on the Australia Day weekend, all John wanted was to greet as many people and other dogs as he could but his highlight was to spot toddlers in prams and give them a gentle nose rub or kiss on their faces bringing great delight to the parents impressing them with his gentle nature.

Being a large dog with a playful nature, John would best be suitable in a home with active people or teenagers who would love to take him for his daily walk and share in with his new found life.

At the moment, we would say that his coat is not ideal but daily brushing is slowly removing his kennel coat and very soon the ugly duckling will turn into prince charming.

John is not cat tolerant


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