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Gippsland Greyhounds
Bluey - click on the images above and view at full size

D.O.B: 6-02-16
Sex: Male
Microchip No: 956000004054437

Following a short but not illustrious racing career, blue boy Bluey is now looking for his forever home.

On first entering foster care Bluey was unsure of his surroundings but quickly settled into the new routine, making friends with his companion dogs and carers and within days of foster care, Bluey was taken along to a community market for exposure to crowds and hopefully finding his new owners.

Though new owners were not found, Bluey won over a greyhound owning family who volunteered to look after him and socialize him with their greyhound and white fluffy dog.

Well since then, Bluey has proved to be the ideal pet, very social with their dogs including their minded friends dog, is easy to feed and so quiet that he has been allowed to sleep in their bedroom.

Bluey is now available for adoption.




















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